1 Snowy Mountain Hat
1 Men's Suede Squashable Hat
1 Ladies' Breezy Suede Hat
1 Oiled Squashable Hat
1 Crocodile Hat
1 Kangaroo Squashable Hat

ONLY AU$375 +P&H

Why Hats? The hat market continues to grow rapidly worldwide. Increased UV radiation due to depletion of the ozone layer means skin cancer is on the rise. In many countries hats are becoming a necessity as well as a popular accessory. You can benefit from the boom in hat sales if you act now.

Why Aussie Bush? We make a damn good hat. A hat which is easily recognized as being Australian in style and has proven popular all over the world.  We have been making hats since 1970 and we are here for the long term.  We use only the finest quality materials to make what we believe are the very best leather and canvas hats in the country.  We stand behind our products offering an unconditional guarantee on workmanship and materials.

When you choose Aussie Bush you can be assured that we are dedicated to providing you with outstanding products and service. We will do everything we can to help you successfully market our hats.
We are happy to look at any sort of wholesale arrangement that you might want. From smaller orders (minimum 25 hats) for individual stores, Distributorships for particular areas, to commissioned agencies.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Best regards, Zach Maniotas

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