In Early 1970 John Mitchell (Mitch to his friends) arrived in Southern Spain with a few dollars in his pocket and no return ticket.  Borrowing some leather tools and buying his first cowhide he set about making for himself some sandals, belts and a broad brimmed Australian style, leather hat to protect him from the sun.  His work was much admired and within a year he had a thriving leather business selling a variety of goods to locals and the tourist.
In 1979 Mitch returned to live in Australia where he continued to make a variety of quality leather products.  The rise in popularity of Australia as a tourist destination coupled with the growing awareness of the danger of the sunís harmful rays has resulted in an increased demand for Aussie Bush hats.  Like the rabbit-fur felt hats of Akubra,  Aussie Bush leather hats have become an icon of the land downunder.

In 2002, ownership of Aussie Bush was passed to Zach Maniotas, a long-time employee of the company. Aussie Bush continues to produce a range of the finest quality, affordable leather hats  These distinctive hats are sold at airports and stores throughout Australia and are exported around the world.
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